LCAA 2015 Junior Arts Summer Theatre Workshop

Get dramatic this summer!!

Here is the cast list for the 2015 Summer Workshop. It was a HUGE task to get everyone's special requests, times, friends, siblings, etc. accommodated. I couldn't quite get everything, but I came close. Because so many people were not there on the first day, I may very well have missed someone. Please don't take it personally. It was a lot to sort through. If I missed your child, just let me know. We have plenty of extra (and good) roles available. I will cast them asap. Cast A needs to be there Tuesday 6:00-7:25, Cast B Tuesday 7:35-9:00. Cast C Wednesday 6:00-7:25 and Cast D 7:35-9:00. Scripts, parent info, and complete schedules will be passed out at the first rehearsal. Send a pencil and highlighter with your child. Water and or $1 for snacks/water.

It is impossible to change anything at this point. Can't wait to work with this incredibly talented group of young people!

See you onstage,

Debra Leopard leopardcub61@yahoo.com

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Junior Arts Workshop information was sent out last week to the email addresses in the system. (see below for copy of email). If you did not get the email, please check your SPAM folder, and please check your email on the first day of the workshop. If you are not able to make it the first day, just let the director know so she can cast your child. Check website on Monday, June 22 for cast assignments and scheduling information. It is going to be an awesome summer!

Welcome to the 2015 Summer Workshop! This is our 8th year and we always have a blast! Our adventure begins on Sunday June 21 at the times indicated below. The first day will be orientation and learning about auditions. We will have complete schedules as soon as each child is assigned to a role and a cast. This is a real Theatre Arts experience and not a "camp." Kids will get to do a real show and experience it from auditions to closing night. Lots of exciting stuff... headshot photos, t shirts, pizza party, costumes... etc! On the first day parents need to stay since we will have a lot of information to give out. If you will be out of town the first day please make sure I know so I can assign your child to a cast. Full tuition is due by the first day and may be paid on line or at the first meeting by cash, check or credit card. $215 total. $30 deposit and $185 tuition. Please let me or the box office know if you have a question about balance due. villagesquaretheatre.com. If you have specific questions please don't hesitate to ask. Schedule for the 21st....
Children with last names that start with:

A-F 2:00-3:30
G-O 4:00-5:30
P-Z 6:00-7:30

I am very much looking forward to working with your young actors this summer! Please confirm that you got this email.
-Debra Leopard, Director

leopardcub61@yahoo.com or

Summer 2015 will be the eighth year of our very successful and popular Junior Arts Summer Workshop, and this year’s workshop promises to be super fun! The play will be an original story written by Debra E. Leopard called The Secret of the Golden Medallion. This full-length play was the first summer workshop production and has been embellished with new characters and much more comedy. The play is an allegory based on the Medieval Morality Play format and the experience will teach the participants about Theatre History while having fun! There is an evil peddler in the Kingdom who wants to take over the world. The Lands of the Kingdom, each represented by a different color… Pacifica, Bellicosia, Pusillania, Despondencia and Stoicia have very different ways of handling problems. All the lands must find a way to work together to defeat the peddler or they will all be destroyed. It will take a couple of kids, a queen, a Herald, a whole bunch of Jesters and the leaders of the various lands to defeat the evil genius Belial. Participants in the workshop will audition and are guaranteed a speaking role. Students learn about theatre by participating in a real community theatre play from start to finish. Students will learn about many aspects of theatre including acting techniques, character development, taking direction, and basic theatre terminology. They will be directed by a professional with over 38 years of experience in a quality production. This is the perfect opportunity for young actors of all skill levels to again valuable stage experience! Tuition is $185 plus a non-refundable deposit of $30. Also included are a pizza party and a show t-shirt! Enrollment is limited so don’t delay!

SCHEDULE: Workshop rehearsals are held on Sunday afternoons in the 2:00-6:00 time frame or Saturday mornings in the 10:00-12:00 time frame and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings or Monday and Wednesday evenings in the 6:00-9:00 time frame. Actors will be given an exact rehearsal schedule after they are assigned to a cast. Each cast will rehearse three times a week. (A, B, C or D) This will be determined after the first meeting which is “auditions.” Each cast will have three performances. Performance dates: July 26-August 2. Workshop begins June 21. (Skipping several days around July 4). Allowance is made for family vacations during the workshop as long as actors are present for the week of the production.

Questions? Contact our Education Director, Debra Leopard.