We are also accepting private students in acting, voice, public speaking, dance, guitar or audition prep. Please contact our Education Director, Debra Leopard at classes@villagesquaretheatre.com if you have any questions or would like to schedule private lessons.

Village Square Theatre classes provide many opportunities for students to learn in a real Theatre setting. Classes are taught by experienced professionals, in a nurturing and encouraging environment. Theatre classes improve self-confidence, creativity, teamwork, and communication skills. Discipline, quality, and individuality are stressed. Each student is given a chance to shine and will learn how to stand out in the crowd while developing a passion for the performing arts.

Why take Acting/Theatre classes?

People often ask me why they should take an acting class when they could just do a play instead. What’s the point of a class when they are already learning just by being in a production? Yes, a lot of learning goes on each time an actor plays a role. But classes provide so much more! It would be like saying just because someone can drive a car it means they can build one. Acting is like any other performing art (Playing an instrument, vocal performance or dance.) The artist learns by taking lessons and practicing, and then applies what they have learned to performance. Classes provide the building blocks for growth as a performer- the fundamental skills that help the actor learn the “how” and the “why” of acting. Acting students learn: different techniques for creating believable characters, how to stand out at an audition, how to be comfortable and confident onstage, how to have a strong clear speaking voice, how to move onstage or in front of the camera, how to interpret the script, how to take direction and so much more. Anyone who is serious about acting needs to take classes and continue his/her Theatre education.

For those who aren’t aiming for a career onstage, why take an acting class? Acting classes help with creativity, communication skills, flexibility, teamwork, being comfortable in front of a group, self-esteem and self-expression, and poise. People who have had acting classes are able to conquer their fear of public speaking and presentations. They are generally better communicators and are more self-confident. Acting classes are also just a whole lot of fun! Sign up for one today.

We strive to make classes at Village Square Theatre fun and professional. Our instructors are professionals with years of experience, and students have the benefit of being able to use real theatre facilities. Classes must reach a minimum enrollment (usually 5 students minimum) in order to go forward. If the minimum is not reached, you will be notified five business days start date via email. Please make sure we have a current email address that you check regularly. You will not be notified if class is a go, only if the class doesn't make it. All tuition is due the week prior to the start of the class. Please contact our director at Classes@villagesquaretheatre.com if you ever have any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing Village Square for your Theatre Arts education.

-Debra Leopard

Acting (KIDS ACT Performance Workshop)
Ages 4-8. Cost: $205. 11 Weeks Mondays 5:00-5:50 Starting February 5. 100% laughter and fun are a guarantee! Designed for the very young theatre student to emphasize creativity, imagination and having fun while learning the basics of acting. Each student develops at least one commercial and one monologue. Continuing from last semester, or new students welcomed. Performance given at the end of the semester. - Taught by Becky Croft.

Acting (ACT UP Performance Workshop)
Ages 7 and up Cost: $230 11 Weeks Fridays 5:30-6:30. Starting February 9. Developed for beginning to intermediate level students who want to learn more about acting. Appropriate for new students or those continuing from last semester. This hands-on class includes creative dramatics, improvisation, basic character development, audition techniques, script analysis, memorization, theatre terminology, and acting for the camera. Actors showcase their work at the end of the semester. - Taught by Debi Young.

Acting (Act Up II Performance Workshop)
Mondays, 6:00-7:00 for 11 weeks, beginning February 5. $230. Ages 9-15. This is a class designed for the student who has some stage experience or has had a class before. Continuing from last semester, or new. Students will learn acting techniques, character development, building confidence, memorization techniques, method acting, movement for the stage and script analysis. Performance at the end of the semester. Taught by Becky Croft

Ages 7-16 Cost: $200. 10 Weeks Tuesdays 5:30-6:45. Starting February 6. A class designed for the serious acting student with an emphasis on Musical Theatre. This class will be challenging but fun and will include choreography and singing for the stage. Excercises include improv techniques, character development, audition techniques, how to sell a song, dance combinations and singing in a group. Singing and Dancing experience is not necessary. Performance given at the end of the semester. - Taught by professional dancer, Candice Pipkin and musical theatre veteran Becky Croft.

ACT UP III From Page to the Stage
(Thursdays, 6:00-7:00) for 11 weeks, beginning February 8. $230. Ages 10-16. Must have had a previous acting class to enroll. Students will work on scenes designed for more serious actors and will gain valuable performance experience by memorizing, rehearsing and performing scripted material. They will take two characters "from the page to the stage." Focus on character development and gaining confidence onstage. Performance given at the end of the semeter. Taught by experienced stage actor, Mark DiNovo.

Acting- Adult Master Class Page to the Stage
Ages 16 and up Cost: $135. 8 Weeks Wednesdays 5:30-7:00- Starting February 7. For all levels of experience. Challenging scene material will emphasize character development and stepping outside of the comfort zone. Stanislavsky and Meisner techniques, using improv to develop character, sense memory, emotional recall and other techniques will be covered as students take scenes from the page to the stage. Each actor will work on two contrasting characters. Performance given at end of semester. Taught by seasoned director and actress Debra Leopard.

All the World's a Stage- Home School Theatre
Tuesdays, 3:00-4:00 for 6 weeks beginning February 6. $95. Home school Theatre Arts class for students grades 4-12. Curriculum based on South Carolina and National Education Standards for Theatre. Class held in working theatre to enhance and reinforce learning experience. Topics covered: Story Making/script writing, Acting, Directing, Design, Research, Connecting, Valuing and Responding, Relating to History and Culture. Taught by SC Certified teacher with 24 years of classroom experience, Debi Young.

Audition Workshop
February 3. 10:00-12:00. Ages 5 through adult. Cost: $25 This is a two-hour workshop designed to help actors improve audition techniques and boost confidence prior to upcoming auditions at Village Square or other theatres. Vocal techniques, expression, stage fright, how to prepare, improvisation exercises and advice on standing out in a crowd will be covered. Students will go through mock acting and singing auditions using several different scripts and will be directed on ways to make improvements. Advice will be given on choices for selection of audition music. Students will also “get into the mind of a director” to learn about what directors look for at auditions. For those who are new to the audition process, students will learn what to expect. For those who have auditioned before, students will learn how to improve. Taught by Debra Leopard and Debi Young

British Dialects for the Stage
Ages 9 and up Saturday March 3. 10:00-12:00. This is a two-hour workshop on mastering dialects for the stage. Focusing on generic upper and lower class British. Expand your knowledge of how dialects work and increase your ability to get cast! Students will learn the Phonetic Alphabet, the basics of how the speaking voice works and all the main changes needed for a convincing stage British accent. Students will get a handbook to take home. Limited to 10. Taught by 30 + year Voice and Diction coach, Debra Leopard $25