Enrollment has begun for Spring 2016 classes.

We are also accepting private students in acting, voice, public speaking, dance, guitar or audition prep. Please contact our Education Director, Debra Leopard at villagesquaretheatre@windstream.net if you have any questions or would like to schedule private lessons.

Why take Acting/Theatre classes?

People often ask me why they should take an acting class when they could just do a play instead. What’s the point of a class when they are already learning just by being in a production? Yes, a lot of learning goes on each time an actor plays a role. But classes provide so much more! It would be like saying just because someone can drive a car it means they can build one. Acting is like any other performing art (Playing an instrument, vocal performance or dance.) The artist learns by taking lessons and practicing, and then applies what they have learned to performance. Classes provide the building blocks for growth as a performer- the fundamental skills that help the actor learn the “how” and the “why” of acting. Acting students learn: different techniques for creating believable characters, how to stand out at an audition, how to be comfortable and confident onstage, how to have a strong clear speaking voice, how to move onstage or in front of the camera, how to interpret the script, how to take direction and so much more. Anyone who is serious about acting needs to take classes and continue his/her Theatre education.

For those who aren’t aiming for a career onstage, why take an acting class? Acting classes help with creativity, communication skills, flexibility, teamwork, being comfortable in front of a group, self-esteem and self-expression, and poise. People who have had acting classes are able to conquer their fear of public speaking and presentations. They are generally better communicators and are more self-confident. Acting classes are also just a whole lot of fun! Sign up for one today.

-Debra Leopard

Let 2016 be a Dramatic year!

Audition Workshop
5/7/16. 10:00-12:00. Ages 5 through adult. Cost: $25 This is a two-hour workshop designed to help actors improve audition techniques and boost confidence prior to upcoming auditions at Village Square or other theatres. Vocal techniques, expression, stage fright, how to prepare, improvisation exercises and advice on standing out in a crowd will be covered. Students will go through mock acting and singing auditions using several different scripts and will be directed on ways to make improvements. Advice will be given on choices for selection of audition music. Students will also “get into the mind of a director” to learn about what directors look for at auditions. For those who are new to the audition process, students will learn what to expect. For those who have auditioned before, students will learn how to improve. Taught by Debra Leopard and Debi Young

ACT III (Character Development)
Ages 15 and up Cost: $155 8 Weeks on Wednesdays 5:30-7:00- Starting March 9. This is a workshop-style class designed for adults with various levels of theatre experience, focusing on developing 3-dimensional, believable characters. This semester will focus on monologue work. From read through to performance. Each student will go through the entire process of developing characters in several monologues. Guaranteed to improve self-confidence and stretch the imagination.Taught by seasoned director Glenn Farr.

British Dialects for the Stage
Ages 9 and up Saturday April 16. 1:00-3:00. This is a two-hour workshop on mastering dialects for the stage. Focusing on generic upper and lower class British. Expand your knowledge of how dialects work and increase your ability to get cast! Students will learn the Phonetic Alphabet, the basics of how the speaking voice works and all the main changes needed for a convincing stage British accent. Students will get a handbook to take home. Limited to 10. Taught by 30 + year Voice and Diction coach, Debra Leopard $25

Dialects, Too
One day workshop. Saturday May 21 at 10:00-12:00. Ages 9 and up. This is a follow-up workshop for those who have taken British Dialects for the Stage. Focus will be on learning specific sound substitutions and variations using the Phonetic Alphabet for stage Irish, French, German and Indian. Taught by Debra Leopard. $25

Comic Improv
One day workshop. Sunday March 20 6:00-8:00. Adults 21 and up will learn basic Improv techniques and practice various exercises as seen in Whose Line is it Anyway? Taught by Debra Leopard. Join us afterward for Village Square Idiots rehearsal. Fun, therapeutic and guaranteed to make you laugh. No experience necessary. $25

How to Act a Song
One day workshop. Saturday, April 2 from 10:00-12:00. Ages 7-13. The student will focus on singing performance and will concentrate on vocal and breathing exercises, characterization, and the transition from dialogue to song. The appropriate use of the actor's voice and personality in the selection of the material will be emphasized. Taught by Debi Young. $25

How to Act a Song II
One day workshop. April 2 from 12:30-2:30. Ages 14-Adult. The student will focus on singing performance and will concentrate on vocal and breathing exercises, characterization, and the transition from dialogue to song. The appropriated use of the actor's voice and personality in the selection of the audition material will be emphasized. Taught by Debi Young. $25

Stage Make-up
Saturday, March 5 from 10:00-12:00. $25. Ages 12 and up. Learn the basics of stage make-up applications including standard, old age, and fantasy. Then students will put their new talents to use- on each other. All materials supplied. Taught by Matt Marks.